• Golden Leaf Earring


    Finely detailed, organic design a tribute to the beauty of nature

  • Amber


    Classic Swarovski Oval, golden champagne like bubbles in your glass

  • Antoinette


    Baroque artistry at it’s finest

  • Boho


    Artistry of Gallerie encased crystal

  • City Of Lights


    Echos the beauty of Paris at night

  • Crystal Lace


    The light of 364 tiny handset crystals

  • Deco Streamline


    Seamless elegance

  • Elan


    Encrusted with crystals, small beams of light radiate from this jewel

  • Heiress


    Sleek sophistication of the Deco era

  • In Flight


    Symbolic and Romantic

  • Jane Austen


    Romantic, for those with Sense & Sensibility

  • La Vie French Bee


    The bee remains a prominent symbol of French culture. A metaphor for resurrection and immortality