• Amour


    A statement to the belief in Love

  • Billet-Doux- “sweet note”


    Love letter in flight, por avion

  • Birds in Flight


    “Hope is the thing with feathers”- Emily Dickinson

  • Bonne Chance


    Charm trio necklace of good luck (wear long or doubled up as shown)

  • Celestial


    Tiny star like crystals frame it's moonlit center

  • Clair de Lune


    Charms evoke a star lite night

  • De Rigueur – “required classic”


    What more can we say!

  • Edge


    Modern layered sharp look, featuring a tri-shaped Swarovski crystal (wear long or doubled up as shown)

  • Femme Fatale


    Streamline mix of Deco pendant and contemporary chain (wear long or doubled up as shown)

  • French Lace


    Fine filigree like delicate lace, sparkles with the light of hundreds of tiny crystals

  • Jewels of the Bohemian Empire


    Romantic revival, a fashion fairy tale (wear long or doubled up as shown)

  • La Vie Bee


    French Royal Bee- a historical design from the Nepolian Era